CornholeATL Weather Policy

Jeff (CornholeATL)

Last Update 6 maanden geleden

In a perfect world, Mother Nature would never affect cornhole night! However, we know she can be unpredictable and likes to cause turmoil for a perfectly crafted schedule. We do our best to keep players informed throughout the day. Please access our RainoutLine on those questionable days and nights through our website, phone hotline, or through the app (information below).

It's not fun canceling matches as we love seeing all our players hanging out and tossing bags. Therefore, CornholeATL will try their best NOT to cancel matches until absolutely necessary. Your safety is our first concern and our equipment is second. If it appears weather may create conditions in which you and our league referees, or our equipment, could be harmed or damaged, we will cancel the match. We try our best to get all decisions made 60 minutes prior to the first scheduled match, but weather changes drastically and may result in last minute cancellations!

At times, we may take on-site delays if there is lightning or a downpour putting your safety at risk. We do ask that you come prepared for any sort of pop up showers that may move through as we intend to play through drizzle and moderate rain. If it is raining at your house, that does not mean it is raining where we play! The weather is just one of the many joys of living in the south and participating in an outdoor co-ed league; it is, also, the most challenging part of our job.

In the event a match is not played as scheduled, due to rain or other weather issues, we will reschedule the match for a later date. The schedule may be adjusted in one of two ways:

*Create double-headers at locations where this can be accommodated


*Extend the season by the number of weeks missed/rained out

CornholeATL reserves the right to extend or shorten the season due to rain outs.

How to Access RainoutLine Information:

Phone Call:

Dial 706-600-1001. Listen to the extensions and type in your league's extension to find out if your league Is A Go, Canceled, or Questionable. Stay on the line as there may be some additional information on those Questionable weeks.


Visit www.cornholeatl.com and select "Weather" on our homepage menu. This page lists all leagues. Green means "It's A Go," red means "Canceled," yellow means "Questionable," and "I" means additional information. Please hover over and click on the symbol to see if there is any additional information.

RainoutLine App:

Download the RainoutLine.com 2017 app, type in CornholeATL (the search is sensitive - please make sure there is not a space after CornholeATL), and get your updates there! Green means "It's A Go," red means "Canceled," yellow means "Questionable," and "I" means additional information. Please hover over and click on the symbol to see if there is any additional information.

**If your location shows green and is listed as "It's A Go" but has not been updated beyond the last week, we are still planning on playing.  We will update as necessary, but our leagues are always "It's A Go" until another decision has been made.**